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30 Dec 2009.  1.5 years after the last SSPE seminar, the second SSPE conference
took place in Istanbul, Turkey, during the month of February 2009. It was by far more
professional and international than previously.

Organized by the Turkish SSPE association
Hastalari, renowned medical doctors and
researchers from various countries met to discuss experiences on the SSPE treatment
and course of the diseases collected in over 30 years. SSPE affected families who
gathered from all over the country, were given advice on how to best care for SSPE

We have finally received all the material that was shown during the conference. Most
of the documents are still in Turkish. We are currently translating them into English
and German.

As soon as they become available, you will be able to download them here.

22 Nov 2008. Our association aktion-max e.V. has moved together with Maxi's
family. The new postal address is:

aktion-max e.V.
Rubensweg 4
74372 Sersheim

+49 (0)7042 179 3592

16 Dec 2007. A new DOWNLOAD section has opened at the bottom of this page.
Step-by step we will put important documents about SSPE therapies and forms
of treatment there. Please check it out regularly.

On 9 Sep 2007 an SSPE seminar took place in İstanbul/Turkey.

For the meeting, that was organized by the Turkish association SSPE Hastalari,
families, physicians and therapists from Turkey and Germany gathered at Pendik
near the association's HQ to exchange and discuss the latest experiences and
findings on SSPE therapy.

Important topics were nutrition and physiotherapy in SSPE victims. Also, new
approaches such as the ozone therapy were presented. Information material
can be downloaded here.

SSPE Hastalari had invited us to join the seminar and for two days we were
able to experience the great Turkish hospitality and cordiality.

During the seminar we were given lots of useful hints and pieces of information.
We were especially impressed by the reports on roughly 25 children who have
defeated the disease and recovered to a large extend. Each of these children
has its own fortunate story. This means hope, no matter how little it may be!

We have agreed with the Turkish association on a close future cooperation in
order to support the information exchange between concerned families as well
as medical doctors and therapists.

On Aug 22, 2007 our association aktion-max e.V. started initial activities to
improve the public relations work:

A new information flyer summarizes the risks of measles and neglected or
omitted immunization. It is currently being distributed to various doctor's
practices and other institutions throughout Germany.

The flyer's content is released and approved by the Verband der Kinder- und
Jugendärzte, BVKJ (
German Pediatrician's Association). It is intended to provide
information, to help clarify and at the same time act as a deterrent.

The flyer can be downloaded from the above link or it may be ordered directly at
the association, of course free of charge. Just send us an email or contact us at
+49-7147-156 450. We apologize that at this point in time it is only available in


Therapy documents from the SSPE seminar Istanbul, Turkey - Sep 2007

- Physiotherapy (4 MB, English)

- Ozone therapy (0.9 MB, English)

More documents for download will become available as the translation work

You need the Adobe® Reader® to open the documents. It can be downloaded here free
of charge.
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