» The association "Aktion-Max e.V."

On 13 February 2007 we gathered at the house of Maxi’s family in order to set up
a registered association.

After a brief discussion about the formation and the Rules and Regulations,
we decided on the following positions:
1. Chairwoman: Anke Schönbohm (Max’s mum)
Deputy: Rüdiger Schönbohm (Max’s dad)
Secretary: Elvira Fiel
Treasurer: Gerd Lorenz
Revisor: Holger Barth
All the above were voted in unanimously.

Effective 28 March 2007, the association is officially registered at the Amtsgericht
(district court) at Vaihingen/Enz.

Per notification of the tax office dated 30 March 2007, this non-profit association is
acknowledged charitable and thereby entitled to issue tax-deductable donation

Why an association?
The immediate reason of course was to secure nursing and therapy for Max and to
be able to issue a receipt of donation for the donors.

However, the more fundamental motivation for Maxi's family is to raise public aware-
ness about the possible result of a lax attitude towards vaccination. It is not in our
interest to start a principle fight against opponents of vaccination.

In 2006 there was a measles epedemic in Western Germany with roughly 1,800
registered cases, and already in January a toddler has died of encephalitis. Another
toddler is dying, with already seven cases of SSPE registered from that epedemic

The SSPE disease as the worst complication of measles breaks out months and up
to years after a measles infection. This is why the true extent of this measles
epidemic will only be realised in years to come.

Our dream would be the introduction of an obligatory vaccination or a comparable
regulation in Germany to finally eradicate those dangerous and underestimated