» Thank you

We can only say thank you... (written by Maxi’s family)

The amount of offers to help was overwhelming ...
Having to fight two fights at the same time takes away almost all of our energy, but
the great help and the sympathy too makes us strong again.
It feels so good not to be alone.
It’s unbelievable how strongly a little ice hockey family in Germany sticks together.
This is something that you can be really proud about.
I have tears in my eyes whenever I hear about a new action plan
and it shows me that it’s not the quantity but the humanity that makes a difference.
We also want to thank all the other people who are not involved in ice hockey, but
who have still offered their help and support and sent their kind thoughts to us and
our Maxi.
The feeling of not being alone during this difficult time has been so important to us
and gives us the strength for what is still to come.
I hope that one day your Max will be able to hear about how committed everyone
has been and also that my greatest wish will come true:
to stand with him once again at the ice hockey stadium, cheering on the Steelers
and Maxi's big friend Alex Jacques .

Anke, Rüdiger and Julian